Mercy-Homes — an initiative of Bambooize Group, is a leading real estate firm in Nigeria. Our services include mortgage brokerage and advisory, real estate development, consultancy and property sale.

Our primary aim is to provide affordable housing for many and include discounted housing as our major ALTERNATIVE TO RENT strategy, as well as to enhance quality and convenient housing and we are committed to it.

Mercy-homes is predominantly an off-plan development project. We offer modern and contemporary designs that last the test of time.

Our offer is off-plan mortgage, to make payment convenient for our clients


A Vision to Deliver 

Mercy-homes has the vision to create spaces that defy the norm, with a dedication towards luxury living, innovation and exemplary design, while creating value for owners and users.


A Focus on Excellence in Design

Mercy-homes believes that considered design can not only deliver liveability and luxury lifestyles but can also positively impact the natural environment and the surrounding community.


A Reputation for Innovation and Integrity

Mercy-homes is proud of its reputation for both its innovative approach and absolute integrity at every level. Project partners, owner occupiers and astute investors alike can trust that each decision is carefully considered and that each project is delivered with total commitment.


Recognising Value and Opportunity

As well as a keen eye for design, Mercy-homes prides itself on seeing opportunities where others do not. Project locations are in established areas, and project teams comprise only the industry’s finest in every aspect of development including architecture, design and on-market service.

Mercy homes has a series of high profile projects planned which will continue its mission to deliver exceptional luxury homes.