Mercy Homes offer incredible deals on luxury homes and properties in Lagos and Abuja. We offer affordable and top quality properties in great neighbourhoods.

Mercy Homes Ltd is an urban luxury real estate development and investment firm. At present, our portfolio includes apartment building, mixed-use buildings, terrace houses, luxury flats and family homes.

As an urban developer, Mercy Homes applies its market knowledge. We take pride in identifying market trends. We acquire properties in areas that have substantial appreciation potential and create projects to suit various needs and wants.

Mercy Homes specializes in sourcing investment opportunities in both newly- built residences and high-end projects. Our portfolio of both completed and future stocks is a testament to the quality of the products we bring to market.

Mercy Homes offer high-income-producing, buy-to-let property investments in a number of project range. We have many years of cognate experience in assembling bulk deals that have provided both small and large investors with access to heavily discounted investment opportunities.

Boasting a track record of standard development, Mercy Homes work in partnership with highly experienced construction firms and have built up a portfolio that includes prime new-build residential apartments with high-yielding returns for our clients, enabling us to offer a wide range of services tirelessly to ensure complete client satisfaction.

With extensive experience within the property industry, the Mercy Homes teams comprise only the industry’s finest in every aspect of development including architecture, design and on-market service.

Why rent when you neither grow your wealth nor gain equity? Let Mercy Homes bridge the gap to you becoming a homeowner.


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