5 units of Luxury Furnished 4-Bedroom Terraced House, on 3 Levels.

Price: ₦65,000,000 [Finished], ₦55 million [Unfinished Unit; 40% equity contribution]



The Development

This is a Mortgage Homeownership. With your equity contribution, you are guaranteed your home. Depending on the actual project with 40% – 30% equity contribution of the actual value of the property, you can move in.

We are an Off-plan Property Development Firm that offers a flexible convenient monthly payment plan for our equity contribution.

1st Down Payment:

  • 5% + 2.5% management fee up front then sign purchase contract with ₦4,125,000

Flexible Payment Plan: 

  • Instalment spread out over 24 months of construction; ₦810,000 monthly.
  • Instalment spread out over 36 months of construction; ₦535, 000 monthly.

We will work with you to structure a mortgage arrangement as follows, in which during construction period, you would get your indicative offer for a mortgage loan with a primary mortgage bank that will be provided.

• Ready off-plan Mortgage
• Conducive environment
• Quality infrastructure
• Good location
• Open to all professionals with substantial monthly income

3 Convenient Payment Plans

• Outright Payment
• Off-plan Mortgage plans
• Pay as we Build

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